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Reason our balloons are weight related
The balloon is insured to carry x passengers regardless of weight. But the manufacturer determines the weight each envelope can
carry and the passengers space available on the basket and gives an all up weight allowable at certain temperatures and altitudes. If an incident occurs Civil Aviation looks at the weight on board, being the first cause of an incident and then accounts the incident to pilot error and the irresponsibility of the Operator which nullifies the insurance policy we carry. Due to this factor are required by law to know your weight prior to flight.

Physical considerations
All passengers must be capable of standing for the duration of the flight, and enter and exit the basket unassisted. If there is any question regarding physical suitability or health limitations please consult your doctor, and advise us of your concerns, before confirming a booking. We will do all that we can to accommodate prospective passengers. We consider it unsafe to fly when pregnant, or have any form of brittle bone diseases.Please call us if you have any queries prior to booking.

What to Wear & What to Bring
Clothing should be layered, keeping in mind the early morning chill of dawn, and the sunshine on landing. Walking shoes are a must as you will be landing in the fields and climbing into and out of a basket. Hats or caps are recommended as the balloon heats up prior to take-off can be a bit warm. Cameras with extra film and batteries, binoculars may be brought on board but the pilot and crew do not take responsibility for any damage or loss of articles.

All Balloon flight are weather related and there is no guarantee that we will be able to fly you on your first date of choice. We may have to ask you to reschedule if at all possible. Please allow the pilot to make the decision prior to your flight.

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